How We Cook

Quality Assurance:

Our chips are cooked to perfection using the time-tested method of double frying

Who We Are

Our hand-picked Chips are cherished and passed down through the generations, ensuring that our exclusive taste, texture and aroma are on par with our incredible range. We pride ourselves on the personal training of our staff, focusing on both the art of chips making and the importance of personal hygiene.

Our Dedication to Quality and Taste

Quality and taste are the cornerstones of our chips production. Every step of our manufacturing process is subject to our vigilant scrutiny, ensuring you receive uncompromising, high-quality and exceptionally tasty chips.

Our Pristine Kitchen

Our kitchen is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene as a testament to our commitment to providing healthy and quality products. We go the extra mile by using fresh oil every day, distinguishing ourselves as the only large-scale manufacturer that uses refined and pure cold-pressed peanut oil in our chips.

Secret Ingredient: Quality Oil

The quality of the oil we use plays an important role in improving the taste and texture of our products. The lightness of our chips made with such premium ingredients ensures that our customers come back for more. Our unwavering adherence to quality standards, efficient manufacturing practices, and rigorous quality checks guarantee that your chips time will be the blissful experience you’ve come to expect!

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